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To Train Rescue Dogs

Our Foot Soldiers

RDRS foot soldiers

RDRS seeks Foot Soldiers

In order to provide quality care to our animals and provide amazing community outreach with our pet therapy programs we must have continuous support.

As an RDRS Foot Solider, your tax deductible monthly donation will help us continue our work. Your contribution will help save lives, enrich lives of others in need, and help RDRS to perform amazing works.

Please consider becoming a Foot Soldier for RDRS. We need great people like you on the ground to help us.

Our Stories


Animal League America Rescue Pet Provides Support for Military Veteran

When Evie arrived at our Port Washington, N.Y. campus off a rescue transport from Precious Friends Puppy Rescue and Adoption in northern Tennessee her snowy white coat and warm brown eyes ensured this beautiful Pit Bull mix wouldn’t have to wait long before being adopted. Sure enough, shortly after being medically cleared by our veterinary staff, Evie was plucked off the adoption floor by an excited adopter and whisked off to her new home. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned in her new home, but the world had bigger plans for this special dog.

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See why we do what we do to help rescue dogs, veterans, and troubled teens.

Miracles in life keep us going, even when times are hard.